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Our Approach

Your success is our success. We know you are busy in the day to day operations of your business and we want to improve your chances in today’s world of obtaining more customers. We do this by enhancing your digital presence online. This is an evolving phenomenon with more and more people using smart phones, so now the advertising world is combining with technology. We are in a constant state of change and learning to stay on the cutting edge of it, without losing the personal contact that is important to customers and business owners.

Our Story

When we started in the Social Media business in 2013 we were not sure about the direction of the industry and we concentrated on some of our other online ventures. In 2016 Richard graduated with his degree in Business Management and  then started to focus on Digital Marketing trends and Social Media Management. Then taking more marketing courses and with the focus on Social Media. In this ever changing industry it is important to keep educating yourself to keep up with the latest trends.

Meet the Team

Who are we at Click4Sales?


Richard Schindler

Founder & CEO

Richard has an Associate Degree in Business Management and Associate of Science Degree in Computer Engineering. He has had a high level in technology since 1980’s. He has a strong love of building computers and has a passion with Apple Computers  and technology starting with Apple IIe. He has studied Marketing and Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing. He has been involved in many different businesses. Music, Real Estate, Restaurant ManagementSales, Lawn Care, and Social Media. He knows the in and outs of many businesses and seen many changes in business and technology. Richard feels that businesses must stay current with technology trends to stay competitive.


Jared Schindler

Content Managment

Jared is the son of Richard. He has grown up in the tech world. Jared and his brothers learned to program and inventing games on computers at a very young age. Jared has become an expert gaming wizard on various platforms. He  is recent graduate at Blackhawk Technical College. Jared is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and still is actively training. Jared has always had a very strong aptitude for creative writing and we are blessed to have his talents.


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