The Bare Minimum of Social Media Business’ Can’t Live Without

The Bare Minimum of Social Media Business’ Can’t Live Without


If you own a business you know that in order for your business to continue to grow you need to engage with your customers and clients. Hopefully they will talk to other people that they know and they will say great things about your business. This sounds pretty basic, right? But, how do we really know how each customer or client feels about our service or how they just generally think about our business. Maybe once in a while they tell us when they see us or maybe they write us a compliment letter, but how often does this really happen? Out of all the customers or clients that walk thru your doors in a day, how many do you actually talk about their experience at your business?


What is Organic Advertising?

What if we could talk to most of our customers or clients on a daily basis? What if we could get their input? What if we could get them to talk about us to their friends and family? Wouldn’t a recommendation from a friend or family be the best advertisement? The best part of this is that this type of marketing is free. So when a friend or family member hears one of their friends or family ask a question like, “ where is a good place that I can find ___?” and they recommend your business. This is type of marketing is organic (like the food, it’s the best). Now imagine that all their friends and family can see their recommendation or they are talk to a group that they belong to like at church or a club and hundreds or thousands are getting this recommendation. You know what would even better, you can see their recommendations, their general feedback from others, people who have unanswered questions, or maybe someone who had a negative experience that you were unaware of.  All these things that could have had an opportunity to fix if only you were aware of it. But with the power of a Facebook Business Page you can.


Facebook is the Bare Minimum

The reach of Facebook is huge as of the third quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.79 billion monthly active users.[1] With this type of power a small company could have a global reach. But even locally the possibilities are limitless. With a Facebook Business Page you could have all the organic advertising you could handle. You could engage daily with your audience and they could become super fans. Super fans are the best fans; they are your brand’s evangelists.


Face Book Business Page

To get a Facebook Business Page you must have a personal page. Some business owners don’t have their own personal page. They say I’m just not that into that Facebook stuff. You can’t afford to not have a Facebook Business Page. Even if you never plan on using the personal page you need to have one to make a business page. It is just the rules Facebook has. Once you have the personal page then you can build your business page. So why is so important to have a Business Page? Because people like to tell their friend and followers where and what they are doing all the time. The problem with business' that don't have a Facebook page is when people want to post where they are at they will make an unofficial page. The problem with these type of pages is they are unmonitored, could have complaints that stay on there and other misinformation that could make your business look bad. Plus, having a Facebook Page just makes you look more credible.


What can you do with a Facebook Business Page?

You can do a lot with just a Facebook page. If your page is up and running people looking for you by doing a Google search will see your Facebook page in the searches. You can post pictures, your hours of business, phone numbers, and other information. You can write post to your followers who you want to turn into super fans. You can post contest or promotions all for free, yes free. Anybody who wants to be a follower of your page can do it. It is a easy substitute for a webpage. It doesn’t take much technical skill except to operate a computer or smart phone. No coding skills are required.


Advertising on Facebook

You can do paid advertising on Facebook. It is much more cost effective than most other media outlets and it can be very targeted towards whatever type of customer that you are trying to attract. As far as cost goes, it is the biggest bang for the buck that you will ever get.


Now What Once your Facebook Page is Up?

Post everyday once or twice. Check your comments. Be friendly and engage. But please just don’t forget about your page. Neglecting your page is like neglecting your customers or clients. If you can’t do it, hire someone (hint, hint, wink, wink). If you can't think about what to say hire a content writer (another hint, hint, wink, wink).



Every business also needs to get on Google Maps. You can get your business verified by going to You just have to enter the business information and go through the verification process. If you have an existing business the process is much simpler. You might even be able to complete the whole process in about 5-10 minutes if you can get a code over the phone, otherwise Google will mail you a post card with your code. Being verified is so important and adds to your credibility. Everyone uses Google nowadays to look up everything. A business that is verified shows up on the map and even will be highlighted more than their competitors who do not. Important information like your hours, directions to get to your place of business, links to your website or Facebook Page will all be featured.


Gone are the Days of the Phonebook

The Phonebook is a huge waste of time and very expensive. I recycle mine as soon as I get it. I don’t even take it out of the plastic bag. Look around you. Every store, mall, restaurant, waiting room, sporting event everyone is carrying and using smart phones. It is a computer in your pocket. This is the future of advertising and if you are not using it, your competitors will be and they are stealing your future and maybe your existing customers and clients.


We are here to help

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